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Airborne…in a rant…


The song Brazilian Praise is the best song ever. It reminds one of motor boats, the metropolis, in it’s crowed latin rhythms, but in it’s horns and it’s vocals, it’s more like a tropical beach, always presenting a warm face, with blue waters and golden sunshine. Sails, cocktails on the deck, tans, the colors of the alcohol. Which meant that this boat moved fast, but it didn’t move that fast.

It’s the worlds most infectious elevator music, and you might like it too. And I’m greatly overjoyed to have encountered it. There’s a strange place where tropical music meets video games. I can definitely associate the relationship with reptiles and monkeys. Mario and the turtles, the underwater levels, as well as some of the above ground ones, some even in Egyptian like settings, and there’s no doubt that the beachside races in Mario kart didn’t end up in some afterparty where Toad was slamming rum on the beach. The tropical jams, have been around us for a while. Even sonic the hedgehog seemed to have a tropical ambiance, with the palm trees in the background. Yes, there is such a thing as the palm tree conspiracy, where life is a beach with music and some kind of adventure.

Notice how there was never a tropical theme to the music in Contra? Ever wonder why? There was no beach. They fought through jungles infested with aliens, and the enemy had no knowledge of tropical beach shenanigans on a summer night. This is why they were the alien, they couldn’t relate to the alcohol and the sex. They couldn’t hang with the bright sunshine and other shit. Castlevania too. No tropical theme there. Probably plenty of sex. Although, I can’t remember whether the protagonist was after a chick. The point of Contra? There’s no chick. It’s not like they beat up every one of those aliens and get a chick at the end, they get some power-ups in a silver box. Would they go all the way out there to beat up aliens for the earth, where the tropical beaches promised sex and alcohol? I hope so. Maybe there was money involved, who knows? BUT, moving on, aliens don’t like beaches. I’ve never seen an alien planet with cool aliens that had a beach pm it. Maybe those aliens that look goofy with big eyes and kind of like a tall, skinny, booger. Maybe they had beaches and just sat down and looked at the stars, but I doubt they had palm trees.

That’s the end of the story.

What did the five fingers say to the face?

Palm tree!



Sounds of the day.

So, new sounds. Sound comments?  I’m not sure about that.

The Wii has great sounds.  Whoever figured out how that system should sound should get an award.  It makes the machine feel right.

Also, there was the sound of bagpipes and drums today on 3rd or 4th avenue for St. Patricks Day. The sounds of Anthony B about a week ago were absolutely amazing.  Like hearing one of those club reggae records, live.  His show reproduced that sound impeccably.  There were no errors, no faults, pure energy.  To be honest, he had more energy to his show than David Byrne could muster at his, at the Benaroya Hall. You can see at the venue, the Columbia City Theatre, that the place was made for non-main acts.  The kind of second-stage acting that comedy gets aside from Drama.  It’s a truism, if you give comedy the same stages as the dramas, they become serious.  The stage sets the tone.  But for Anthony B, his show rocked me enough to keep me going on only 3 hours of sleep.  Seriously, if you ever here the fly girls from Kingston sing out, if you ever hear the bass player, the keyboardist, the drummer, set those Reggae tones on fire, you feel alive again.  And, for his show, he truly deserved a serious stage. Reggae can remain pure, even on a stage set for dramas, the love and peace of reggae does transcend typical, categorical binaries.  I would pay to see such a show…

But, this city, for some reason, makes me think of Jean Cocteau’s comparison of Paris and Vienna.  He called Vienna a city of sound.  As opposed to Paris, a city of eyes.  Accordingly, the air here is so light that it seems that it can accommodate a lot of sound.  Is it possible that this lightness somehow empties the air of sound?  Whatever it is, the city welcomes sounds with a constant feeling of quiet.  Almost celestially so.

Geographically, Ballard, however, has a buzz to it.  But Squire Park and Lake Washington do not.  For some reason, Belltown has a Buzz to it, too.  Downtown/Pioneer Square has a dual drone/siren aspect. Wallingford, a horn.  The U district seems to be screaming.  For some reason, Leschi seems to be incredibly loud, almost like the deafening silence of a Jarmouch Film.  Out by Rainier, Jenkins Park, you get the feeling that asphalt rules the waves….not a good sign.  Perhaps that’s what’s going on in Ballard too.  At least people here seem to have ears.  Perhaps that’s why the musicians stop by.

Speaking of sound, and sinus issues, it seems that the aspect of breath worth focus and control is the exhale, according to a tai chi practitioner I met over the weekend…  I can imagine that when one exhales correctly, sound can travel smoothly through the head to all parts of the brain, instead of sticking inside of some shallow depths of the ear canal.

But today, rain again.  This near silent rain.  Just enough to make things peaceful again.  There is something primordially soothing about this slow and calm rain that happens so frequently here.  As if the water itself was not in a hurry to reach the ground.  Water always goes to the lowest point.  An inch of water can hold up a battleship.  The wisdom of Tai Chi is also the wisdom of sound.